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Vita Classic Smoked Salmon Club

Yields4 Servings

Vita Smoked Salmon is layered with Ham, turkey and bacon in club fashion with lettuce, tomato and Thousand Island dressing.

Serves Up To: 4 Servings

 4 oz Ham
 4 oz Turkey
 4 oz Bacon
 1 Head of Romaine Lettuce
 2 Whole Tomatoes
 4 tbsp Thousand Island Dressing
 12 Slices of Sourdough bread
 4 oz Vita Classic Smoked Nova Salmon

Toast the slices of bread then set aside to let cool. Spread 1 Tbsp of Thousand Island dressing onto 4 slices of bread, place one leaf of romaine onto those 4 pieces.


Layer 1 oz of ham and 1oz of turkey on top of the lettuce.


Place the second slice of bread onto the lunch meat, and spread 1 Tbsp of dressing onto that slice.


Next place 2 thin slices of tomato, and 1 oz of bacon onto the second slice, and top with 1oz Vita Classic Smoked Nova Salmon.


Finally, top with third slice of bread, and cut sandwich into fours on the diagonal, use toothpicks to keep sandwich together.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4